Working in the office is part of Shredder’s community service after he was found guilty of a string of mail frauds.

Every day the Fat Man says,

- Tina, I need you to dispose of these delicate documents.

And Tina takes them through to the copyroom.

Shredder is in there, sitting up on the surface next to the trimmer, looking at his knees.

Shredder is wearing chrome body armour with spikes on his shoulders and forearms. Metal blades are attached to his knuckles, a helmet covers most of his face. He wears a cape made of chain mail.

Tina walks forward, looking away, shaking. She holds out the documents in front of her. Shredder grabs them, rips them in half, then in half again. He throws the scraps in the air and shouts,

- Ta-dah!

And Tina runs away, weeping.

And this happens every day.
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